Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Stop in the name of Love.

I found that my life was just going way too fast. So I decided not only to slow down but to stop from time to time. Several times during my day, I stop, close my eyes, pray and then go on with my life. I have found that it quickly recharges my batteries and keeps me in a good mood.

I take my first stop of the day right after my alarm clock goes off. I turn it off, put my feet on the floor by the bed and sit there and thank God for giving me another chance here on earth. I don't always use it the way He would like but I do try. And the stops do help keep me on track.

I have also found out that once I got used to stopping, those little delays in life are no longer a pain, they are a blessing. When you get stopped in the grocery line, say a little prayer for getting the chance to pray. Traffic stops the same thing. Use those delays to praise God and you will soon find out that driving makes you happy again. Well it works for me anyway.

Enjoy the ride,


  1. Greg,

    What a great way to spend time with God throughout the day. I find that taking the time to invite Him to be with me throughout everything I do and say and let me have opportunities to show people who Jesus is through my personal example. Not always perfect but doing my very best for Him.

    I also find that when you're stuck in traffic to pray for thanks that God had planned on you being right where you are at that moment in time, perhaps it was to keep you from the accident that is delaying you or perhaps there is a blessing ahead of you in the day that needed that delay. Totally changes how you see inconveniences now!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  2. That is a perfect way to have a little devotional/prayer time. Life is so jammed packed with stuff sometimes you just gotta enjoys the stops :)