Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Anger issues.

I have anger issues!!!

Yes I do. I have issues with angry people. I can’t understand why people go through life always being angry. I have my moments from time to time but for the most part I am a happy person.  If someone cuts (or flips) me off in traffic I simply slow down and give them some room. I don’t get upset about it because in relation to the real problems in the world today, having someone pull out in front of me in traffic is no big deal. And it certainly isn’t worth getting my blood pressure up. 

I feel the same way about other little things. Like people who get in the speed line in the store with too many items or that wait until their total is rung up before they start searching for their check book; No big deal. There are so many little things out there that I tend to ignore while others go off on a tangent.  To me there is nothing worse than being stuck in line with someone that is harping about having to wait. Give me a break, please.  Complaining and getting angry does absolutely no good and it may even take years off your life.  Get in another lane if it bothers you that much.

I usually try to surround myself with happy people whenever I can so don’t be offended if you start complaining and I simply walk away.  Sometimes I will be in a meeting and someone will start complaining. I usually just ignore them and my mind starts to drift away. Often someone will catch me drifting and when they ask me why I wasn’t paying attention I just say “I will when you stop complaining and say something constructive”. That usually gets a smart reply but my point is made. When my family starts complaining I just say “hey I can get this at work.”

So slow down, be happy and live a long life. That’s my advice for the day. And please respect the speed lane at Walmart. I am tired of hearing about it.




  1. Great advice Greg. I'm like you, traffic isn't a challenge for me at all. I guess because I've been a professional commuter all my life, so I enjoy driving and the time I get to spend being alone, destressing before I arrive home and taking advantage of that drive time. I used to have a three hour commute each way. If I find myself stuck in traffic, I simply give it to God. I am at the place in time, God designed for me at this moment, perhaps to prevent me from being in an accident or to help out when I can. No one knows but I know that nothing happens outside of God's knowledge. He loves details.

    I still have things that make me angry, and it's something I have prayed over, controlling my emotions and words before they leak out is something God and I are working on, an instance at a time. It's a learning curve and one I need to practice killing my emotions instead of living by them.

    I am thrilled to see you blogging again and look forward to hearing your thoughts and connecting once again.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat